1. We own legal trademarks (Greek, European or International Trademarks) and we want to register the corresponding domain name under .GR. Is having a trademark going to make the whole process simpler?

- No, the trademark will not make the process simpler.

2. Which means of payment would you accept?

- We accept cheque (but it depends on the cheque, we will have to check with our bank first), wire transfer, credit card (only through Paypal at the moment) and Paypal.

3. Is there going be any supplementary cost for the two years registrations other than the €44+19%VAT (does your price include the GR Hostmaster fees or not)?

- This price includes the GR Hostmaster fees for two years. The only additional cost will be any translations that may apply and you want us to make them for you.

4. With the service you provide will it be possible for any company to register any domain name or are there other restrictions than having an admin contact in Greece?

- Any company can register any domain name and as many as they want. (There is only a limit of one domain per individual)

5. Why is the price for 2nd – unlimited domains cheaper than the 1st one?

- Let me explain this. Let’s say you want to register 10 domains. If you send me all the details together and there is no problem with their contracts and documents the cost for the first domain will be €44+19%VAT and for domains 2-10 will be €44+19%VAT for each one. If you have one domain name today and another one in a week then the price for the domains will be €44+19%VAT each. This is to encourage bulk registrations and because there is some extra cost to make each registration separate.

6. Is the Hostmaster going to send the invoice to us?

- No, because in rules Hostmaster states: "Any document concerning the registration / renewal / deletion of the domain name will be sent to the postal address of the representative within Greece." We can send it to you via mail at a small additional cost or we can email it to you.

7. For the orders we made before the 15th of November we only needed an application form that was sent to us by post by GR Hostmaster. If I understand we will from now on also need a Notary Power of Attorney appointing you as a representative translated into Greek. I am right? Would you provide us an example of such document?

- What you did before the 15th of November is not what you have to do now. Since November the registration requirements under .GR have changed. Yes, you will need a Notary Power of Attorney appointing me as a representative translated into Greek. We will provide you an example of such document both in English and Greek.

8. Will you draw up and send to us an invoice for our accountancy department with your price for the complete service. Can you send this to us by email?

- Yes, we will draw up an invoice for you. We can send it by email.

9. Do you just need a Power of Attorney signed by us appointing you as admin contact in English and one translated into Greek by a lawyer or is one Power in English or Greek sufficient? Is it enough to have the Power of Attorney signed by us appointing you as admin contact in English and one translated into Greek by a lawyer or is one Power of Attorney signed and stamped on letter headed paper (maybe with translation of their contact data into Greek if compulsory).

- We need all the documents both in your preferred language and in Greek. The original documents must bear the Apostille authorization. (So having it signed and stamped on letter headed paper is not enough) If your preferred language is English we can provide Greek translation by a lawyer at an extra cost.

10. I registered a domain and then changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

- If the details have not been sent to the GR Hostmaster your money can be used for another registration.

11. Can I register any name I want?

- You can. The only exceptions are Greek geographic locations and names that insult the Christian ethics. Of course you sign that by registering the domain name you do not have the intension to harm any third interests or trademarks.

12. I am registering the domain as a foreign individual. I do not have a passport. Can I use my Identity card?

- Unfortunately at moment you can only use a passport.

13. What is an official body?

- The official body can be any lawyer that has the power to sign a document using the Apostille authorization.

14. You say that the GR Hostmaster invoice is made for the owner. Can this be made to someone else?

- No, the invoice can only be made for the owner.

15. Would the procedure be simpler if we registered the domain as a foreign private Individual?

- The foreign private individual option is simpler but the domain is not registered under a company name and each individual can only register one .gr domain.


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