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We provide services ranging from web design and development, domain name registration and Web hosting.

We offer:

Website Design and Development
Shared Web Hosting
Domain Name Registration

We are mainly a web design and development company.

Principally that means that we help you to establish your Internet presence by creating your web site, using a step-by-step process to ensure that what you get is what you want.

But that's not the only service that BluePixel can provide. Suppose you already have a web site? We can do a 'makeover' to improve the look, the usability, or functionailty of your site.

We can provide freelance html programming or trouble-shooting on an hourly basis.

We can provide web site hosting - as low as €10/month which includes all the bells and whistles like 10 e-mail addresses, FTP account, PHP, MySQL support, custom 404 pages, pre-
installed CGI forms, and many more features.

Our Website Development, Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting Services combine to bring you the building blocks needed to be successful on the Web.

If you have any questions - contact us.



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