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BluePixel offers cost effective web design with cutting edge capabilities. If you want a website developed, we are the solution. We can design your entire website as well as make it ready to go online. Whether you want a simple home page for personal use, or you are an established business ready to make an impact with e-commerce, BluePixel can build a site for your specific needs.

We can create a complete site for you, with any features and items it may need. From Graphic Design and Promotion to special details such as Mailing Lists and Discussion Boards.

We work with the leading hardware and software that will make your page stand out. By taking the time to fully understand your goals for the world wide web, we can make recommendations for translating your vision into a dynamic web site.

We first sit down with you and make decisions on your site. What should be on it, what you will need, etc. We then go to work on a design, as soon as we have finished one that is to your liking, we begin adding the content to the website. This would include all the information or "data" that you would like on your website.

After we feel it is complete, we run some tests on it and check its compatibility with different Internet browsers, as well as with different screen sizes.

When everyone, you and us, is satisfied; we launch the website and promote it based upon what you would like. We possess proven strategies for generating the necessary traffic to make your site excel on the Internet.

Once your site is built, you can take advantage of the powerful hosting that BluePixel offers.

By providing a complete internet solution, BluePixel provides you with the most cost-effective and powerful internet resources available.

Call, Write, or e-mail us today for your free estimate. Tell us what you are looking for, what you want to achieve, and roughly what you intend on putting in your web pages so we can estimate the size of your site. Based on what you want to put up, we will estimate our cost, expenses, and set you up with a price. This price is negotiable as is your site content. We can then contract based on the amount agreed upon. This is the form we recommend most. Estimate requires completion of a questionnaire we provide.

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